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Protocol Optimization Services

  • Develop Operational Advisory Boards (OABs) and facilitate protocol optimization focus groups
  • Conduct protocol optimization assessments to identify key at-risk areas and develop solutions for informed site selection, proactive recruitment and enhanced site training activities
  • Develop strategic site relationship management and communication programs
  • Research and Develop “Patient Pathways” – depicting how patients flow through the healthcare system to identify potential touch points and recruitment opportunities
  • Develop action-oriented recruitment and retention plans
  • Troubleshoot studies “in rescue”; conduct enrollment and drop-out diagnostics assessments and develop cost-effective intervention plans
  • Develop, implement, and analyze site and CRA needs assessment/support surveys

Education and Training Services

  • Develop and facilitate customized training programs on best practices in site selection, study feasibility assessment and patient recruitment/ retention planning and management
  • Help sponsors to help their sites translate the protocol into practice through the development of effective study implementation aids and practical, interactive, adult-learning-oriented training programs
  • Develop and facilitate recruitment and retention rejuvenation or site engagement workshops

Process Improvement Services

  • Re-engineer site selection, study feasibility assessment, patient recruitment planning and site engagement/management processes