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Having suffered through more than my fair share of painful investigator meetings and site training programs, I’ve been reflecting on what makes an ideal study start-up or investigator meeting. Strategic and successful meetings go beyond boring the audience with bullet-point saturated PowerPoint slides and encompass the following best practices: The training focuses on addressing the […]

The all-too-familiar symptom of a typical clinical trial: enrollment is falling behind. The immediate temptation: Let’s do more advertising! The result: a lot of time, money and effort wasted and no change in enrollment. Why? Because the project team failed to conduct a root cause analysis to uncover the root cause of the enrollment problem. […]

I recently reviewed a 38-page feasibility questionnaire – what was the sponsor and CRO thinking? What site in their right mind would complete this (within a 48-hour turnaround time no less) and how can this possibly help ascertain whether a study is doable and whether a given site is a good fit for the trial? […]